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Posted by JB Uy on January 09, 2017 at 05:46 PM UTC
Edited on November 22, 2021 at 03:01 PM UTC
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Thinkific AR Import

1324_Unite_-_Thinkific_Sage_AR_Import-20211022.1.zip [Upgraded for 2021]


1324 Unite - Thinkific Sage AR Import-20210706.6.zip

Posted by JB Uy on July 07, 2021 at 02:58 PM UTC
Edited on October 22, 2021 at 08:14 PM UTC
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Unite Pro/Retail Shopify Sync

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20211022.2.zip [Upgraded for 2021]


399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210528.5.zip [Event log debugging]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210430.4.zip [Shopify API updated; product sync weights/uom removed; expected ship date logic changed with 1pm cut off]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210405.1.zip [Product sync/update: to accomodate for sale periods and filling into the compare-at price on Shopify]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210315.1.zip [Customers: sends DIAMOND tag if the customer territory is DIAMON]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210114.1.zip [Automated time ranges: added 10 mins prior and after to catch any orders around midnight]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20210113.2.zip [Exp Ship Date Logic; PAYPALUS Bank]

399_Unite_Webstore_Sync-20201229.1.zip [Removed the woocomm workaround for shipping address; customer bill-to name updated to first check for a company and if empty, use the billing contact name]

Posted by JB Uy on August 04, 2020 at 01:11 PM UTC
Edited on October 22, 2021 at 08:13 PM UTC
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GO and BP Sage/Shopify Sync

9_GO_and_BP_Shopify_Sync-20211022.1.zip [Upgraded 2021]


2020-07-30 20200730_ShopifySageSync.zip [Saving the shopify id in optional field]

2020-05-12 20200512_ShopifySageSync_Preconfigured.zip [Updated to new Hutility Shopify platform; Contains 2 preconfigured folders for GO and BP]

2019-04-24 ShopifySync_20190424.zip [Upgraded for Sage 2019; preserve existing config.ini file]
2017-10-06 - ShopifySync_20171006.zip

Note: may need to right-click and click "Unblock" on the dlls since they're coming from a zip file over the web

Posted by JB Uy on October 06, 2017 at 04:54 PM UTC
Edited on October 22, 2021 at 08:13 PM UTC
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